Privatisation is the best way to resuscitate and rebuild weakened  State Level Public Enterprises (SLPEs).

Privatisation :

* Stops loss-making SLPEs from adding to government debt;

* Depoliticises SLPEs, remove governmental pressures for over-manning and the sub-optimal use of resources;

* Gives new owners a strong incentive to turn around failing SLPEs into successful businesses;

* Gives new businesses access to investment capital that government cannot provide;

* Raises more money for government through taxing former SLPEs;

* Expands an enterprise and an industry, in the long run creating more jobs and generating wealth for the country.

Public enterprises reform program

The public enterprises reform program was  established with the following goals :

  • Government to withdraw from sectors operated efficiently  by the private sector while retaining its responsibility as a prudent regulator to ensure social equity and fair competition in the new circumstances.
  • Rationalize Government’s investments in Public Enterprises and restrict itself to areas in which its intervention is needed.
  • Government to be sensitive to hardships caused by privatization and address such issues through a safety net program.
  • To ensure that its agencies & Public Sector Undertakings work more efficiently.