Like Pakistani landlords, NTRO, CBI, indian government officials steal Hindu women

The international media carried the news of how Pakistani Muslim landlords in Sindhi were stealing vulnerable hindu women like jeevti to keep them as slaves , however almost no organization is carrying the news of how NTRO, CBI, indian intelligence, security and other government officials are stealing and selling hindu women, high educated engineers,domain investors, keeping them as slaves and selling them to corporates like allegedly google, tata to increase the profit of these corporates.
Unlike the pakistani landlords, who physically confine their slaves, the harmless indian women are not physically confined, however the NTRO, CBI,indian government, google, tata officials are stealing everything that a woman can possess to keep her a slave like
– impressive resume including btech 1993 ee degree from a top college, academic record
– retirement savings of twenty years without a court order or legally valid reason
– memory using sophisticated equipment
– correspondence including emails, postal mail, phone calls, smses
– ownership of online business, paypal account , making fake claims
So though the domain investor is spending a large amount of money and time on managing the websites, ntro, cbi, R&AW, indian government officials are treating her as a slave refusing to acknowledge the time and money she is spending online, falsely claiming that google, tata sponsored call girl, cheater housewife and other fraud R&AW/CBI/ indian intelligence employees , who do not do any work online or spend any money online, own the websites, domain names to pay all the 10 google, tata sponsored frauds a monthly indian government salary.
If there was no slavery or resume theft in India of women domain investors, the indian government would have honestly acknowledged the real domain investor and website owner instead of cbi, ntro, R&AW officials falsely claiming that google, tata sponsored goan call girls and other frauds own the website, domain names to dupe other countries, companies, domain buyers, advertisers, and ad networks

How human rights abuses make it difficult for brilliant obc engineer to hire an office in Goa

The cruel animal like officials in indian intelligence and security agencies are ruthless in stalking and attacking a harmless obc engineer with invisible directed energy weapons causing great pain as they have stolen her resume for cheaters, call girls, and have been bribed by large corporates to destroy her health. The only way she can escape the pain will be to move out of the range of these weapons. In a small office she will not be able to escape these powerful weapons and her health will be ruined as these men are extremely cruel , ruthless , hate her and want to destroy her health at all cost.
When she went for driving classes these men were ruthless in attacking her, causing severe headache, crippling her for a week after a few days. So if the obc engineer will hire an office in goa, she is likely to be killed soon. They are forcing her to work at home so that the lazy greedy cheater goan call girls siddhi mandrekar, sunaina, brahmin cheaters gsb fraud riddhi, nayanshree continue to get credit for doing nothing except cheating , corporate espionage and sleeping with top officials, at the expense of the real business owner who is actually contributing .
There is no way to stop these shameless powerful officials wasting tax payer money and abusing their powers to promote lazy greedy cheater call girls and other frauds, defaming the webmaster.

Why are shopkeepers, professionals threatened

UCMJ Article 120

In an indication of the endless atrocities on a single woman obc engineer and the rot in indian society, she is put under surveillance for more than 5 years and every shop she will go to, the shopkeeper will be threatened to make false accusations against her of cheating. Men are specially targetted for harassment, forcing the shopkeeper to keep women or elderly people. Similarly any lawyer she will contact will be similarly threatened and forced not to help her.

Why is so much tax payer money wasted to threaten shopkeepers to defame an innocent harmless obc engineer and domain investor or lawyers not to help a harmless civilian. For lawyers and activist, tax payer money will be wasted to monitor all phone calls, smses, email for more than 5 years. The recipient of the email, sms, phone call will be threatened or told completely false malicious rumors by a government employee so that they do not help the harmless obc engineer. Why are government employees deployed to spread false rumors about the harmless obc engineer

Why should the shopkeeper or professional be threatened for dealing with a harmless civilian wasting tax payer money. how does the country benefiting from harassing small business owners for dealing with a harmless innocent civilian



Fake references by jealous government officials

Lynn Pinker

One of the biggest problems faced by small business owners is when jealous government officials give fake references to their undeserving young girlfriends, so that these girlfriends get lucrative positions which they do not deserve in any way at all. Because these government officials are so powerful, everyone believes their complete lies, that the girlfriend has the experience of the business owner, when she does not have any work experience .
Thus the business owner is cheated by the powerful government official who is scamming both the government from whom he is drawing a salary and the hard working business owner.
There is also no redressal mechanism to stop this scam and exploitation of a business owner, who these young women then harass incessantly using the powers they should have never got.
More details of how the young slim sunaina and siddhi mandrekar got lucrative positions in government organizations with fake references check
It is believed that the tata group encourages this exploitation of business owners by these lazy cheating young women

Government rules and online reputation management

any large organisations spend millions of dollars in building their brand image, so that they can sell their products at a premium price vis a vis their smaller competitors. In most countries there are a limited number of newspapers, magazines and TV channels controlled by a few individuals, who can be easily influenced to carry positive stories.

On the internet, many of the largest websites like Facebook, Blogger, Twitter allow anyone to create an account and post whatever they feel like , without verifying the accuracy of the information . The false rumours can adversely affect the brand image , so many companies use the services of a Online Reputation Management firms which monitor the stories about the organization and brand across multiple online platforms. While feedback from customers can help improve the product, reputation management involves removing the inaccurate negative stories and dealing suitably with the source of these stories. The reputation management firm also highlights positive stories which are factually correct.

The reputation management firm may also check the legal options available in case other methods do not work, and advise action based on the relevant government rules.  The government may block certain websites if it affects public order.

Exemplary or punitive damages

Exemplary or punitive damages is the amount of money the defendant is asked to pay so that  it acts as a deterrant so that the defendant and others in a similar position will not repeat the conduct in future.

In some countries, government employees who misuse their position and discretionary powers  to harass the public are sometimes asked to pay exemplary or punitive damages.

Benefits of privatisation

Privatisation is the best way to resuscitate and rebuild weakened  State Level Public Enterprises (SLPEs).

Privatisation :

* Stops loss-making SLPEs from adding to government debt;

* Depoliticises SLPEs, remove governmental pressures for over-manning and the sub-optimal use of resources;

* Gives new owners a strong incentive to turn around failing SLPEs into successful businesses;

* Gives new businesses access to investment capital that government cannot provide;

* Raises more money for government through taxing former SLPEs;

* Expands an enterprise and an industry, in the long run creating more jobs and generating wealth for the country.


Privatisation means transferring the control of an enterprise from the government sector to the private sector. Generally, but not always, this also means transferring ownership of the Public sector enterprise as well as control.

It can be accomplished by sale or lease. It can be accomplished by the government selling 100% of an enterprise, or selling 51%, or even by selling a minority stake – so long as the private sector is given full managerial control. Without transferring control to the private sector, the government can rise money by selling a smaller share, but that is not privatisation as such.

Government Order 2002- II

GO Ms No. 26
dt. 16.07.2002     Nizam Sugars Limited – Sanction of an amount of Rs. 88,73,360/- as an interest bearing loan @ 15% per annum to Nizam Sugars Limited, Hyderabad towards payment of VRS differential amount of Ex-gratia to 500 employees – Orders – Issued
GO Ms No. 30
dt. 25.07.2002     Spinning Mills – Chilakaluripeta Cotton Growers Cooperative Spinning Mills, Chilakaluripeta – Sanction of an amount of Rs. 1,71,08,125/- as an interest bearing loan @ 15% per annum to Chilakaluripeta Cotton Growers Cooperative Spinning Mills towards payment of VRS benefits to its 537 employees – Orders – Issued
GO Ms No. 31
dt. 09.08.2002     Sugar Mills – Sri Hanuman Cooperative Sugars Limited, Hanuman Junction, Krishna District – Sanction of an amount of Rs. 1,35,19,262/- as an interest bearing loan @ 15% per annum towards payment of VRS benefits to its 87 employees – Amendment to GO – Orders – Issued
GO Ms No. 32
dt. 13.08.2002     Sugar Mills – Nandyal Cooperative Sugars Limited, Nandyal, Kurnool District – Sanction of an amount of Rs. 1,74,52,659/- as an interest bearing loan @ 15% per annum towards payment of VRS benefits to its 178 employees – Amendment to GO – Orders – Issued
GO Ms No. 33
dt. 13.08.2002     Sugar Mills – Nagarjuna Cooperative Sugars Limited, Gurajala, Guntur District – Sanction of an amount of Rs. 94,78,763/- as an interest bearing loan @ 15% per annum towards payment of VRS benefits to its 229 employees – Amendment to GO – Orders – Issued
GO Ms No. 38
dt. 04.10.2002     Voluntary Retirement Scheme (VRS) to the employees of PSUs / Cooperative Institutions and other State Undertakings – Consolidated Guidelines – Amendment – Issued
GO Ms No. 44
dt. 20.11.2002     P.E. – PSUs – Privatisation of Chagallu Distillery – Communication of value of Immovable Assets for execution of Sale Deeds in favour of Purchaser, The Jeypore Sugar Company Ltd
GO Ms No. 45
dt. 20.11.2002     P.E. – PSUs – Privatisation by way of sale of assets of Adilabad Cotton Growers Cooperative Spinning Mills Limited, Adilabad – Value of immovable property for the purpose of registration of sale deed to be executed in favour of the purchaser of the assets, Sree Astalaxmi Spinning Mills (Private) Limited – Orders – Issued
GO Ms No. 46
dt. 28.11.2002     AP. Spinfed – Sanction of an amount of Rs. 2,0l,737/- as an interest bearing loan at 15% per annum to the Spinfed towards payment of V.R.S. benefits to Sri G. Nageswara Rao, Accountant, Spinfed – Orders – Issued
GO Ms No. 47
dt. 28.11.2002     AP STATE FEDERATION OF COOPERATIVE SPINNING MILLS LIMITED (SPINFED) – Sanction of an amount of Rs. 4,77,666/- as an interest bearing loan @ 15% per annum to the Spinfed towards payment of Voluntary Retirement Scheme (VRS) benefits to (6) common cadre employees – Orders – Issued
GO Ms No. 48
dt. 28.11.2002     Karimnagar Cooperative Spinning Mills Limited, Anthergaon – Sanction of Rs. 2,31,000/- as an interest bearing loan @ 15% per annum to Karimnagar Cooperative Spinning Mills Limited, Anthergaon towards payment of ex-gratia to its 11 employees – Orders – Issued
GO Ms No. 49
dt. 23.12.2002     Public Enterprises – Implementation of VRS to the employees of Chittoor District Cooperative Milk Producers Union Limited, Chittoor (CDCMPU Limited) – Orders – Issued
GO Ms No. 50
dt. 31.12.2002     PE – PSUs – Privatisation of Sri Hanuman Cooperative Sugars Limited, Hanuman Junction – Communication of value of immovable assets for execution of sale deeds in favour of purchaser, the Delta Sugars Limited – Orders – Issued
GO Rt No. 100
dt. 18.10.2002     Public Enterprises – PSUs – Nizam Sugars Limited – Re-constitution of committee for the purpose of sale of farm lands of the Nizam Sugars Limited – Orders – Issued

Implementation Secretariat

In order to implement the reform policies and decisions effectively Government considered it necessary to strengthen the existing implementation framework  by establishing an Implementation Secretariat in the Department of Public Enterprise which is an autonomous body. The Implementation Secretariat planned and recommended the strategy for the Reform Program to the Cabinet Sub-Committee and implemented these when the strategy was approved.

Reference : GO Ms No. 150, dt. 30-4-1998 on formation of Implementaion Secretariat under the Public Enterprises Department.