Officials misuse their powers to order surveillance

It has become increasingly obvious that powerful officials are misusing their powers to order surveillance of people, and the sheena bora murder case has clearly indicated that these officials are misusing the expensive equipment for personal hatred and greed, If these officials hate their harmless innocent engineering college classmate and want to destroy her life, they are ordering surveillance so that they can cause maximum damage to her, for more than 5 years,
Though indrani mukherjea was far wealthier, powerful, influential, and investigated for greater frauds than a harmless single woman engineer, she had complete privacy till a month ago. This allowed her to carry out the murder of her daughter sheena bora and remain undetected for more than 3 years. The harmless obc engineer finds that she is under surveillance for more than 5 years, with 40-50 people deployed to track all her activities online and offline in different states of India. If 10 of these government employees were deployed to track indrani mukherjea the murder could have been prevented,

There are thousands of unsolved murders in India, yet these are not investigated due to lack of resources, yet officials waste their money to monitor their harmless female classmate, to sexually harass her, though they cannot find any proof at all. It is time that officials monitoring their classmate out of hatred, should be questioned