Extremely GREEDY indian government employees also ROBBING advertising revenues from online business owners

though indore’s top CYBERCRIMINAL FRAUD raw employee housewife deepika/veena does not pay expenses, raw allows her to ROB advertising revenues
One of the best indications of the widespread government CORRUPTION, FINANCIAL FRAUD is how the indian government, specifically raw/cbi are allowing their lazy greedy fraud employees like indore’s top CYBERCRIMINAL FRAUD raw employee housewife deepika/veena, goan gsb fraud housewife deepika/veena, greedy gujju stock trader amita patel, siddhi mandrekar, haryana human monster deepika/veena who do not pay any online expenses, do not do any computer work, to rob the advertising revenues of a private citizen who these fraud raw/cbi employees hate, criminally defame.
Though the domain fraudster raw/cbi employees like greedy gujju amita patel with net worth of Rs 100 crores, indore cheater housewife deepika/veena with net worth of Rs 15 crore are extremely wealthy and get a monthly government salary without paying expenses, without doing any computer work, showing the lack of honesty, humanity and social justice, raw/cbi continue to allow their shameless cheater employees to ruthless rob private citizens who are making very less money, causing great losses in a clear case of government financial fraud,robbery
This government financial fraud, robbery of harmless small business owners demotivates them and they have no incentive to create quality content when well paid government employees are robbing their advertising revenues without a legally valid reason.
These domain fraudster raw/cbi employees are already cheating the real domain investor of Rs 15 lakh annually refusing to pay website expenses, yet showing the extreme greed they are also robbing advertising revenues.

Extremely cruel cheater top government employees do not target offline workers, only online workers victims of work at home fraud.

led by the extremely cunning cruel cheater brahmin puneet, j srinivasan, government agencies extremely ruthless in their human rights abuses, work at home fraud only on online workers
There are a large number of indian citizens who are working from home, mainly because they make less money. most of them are working offline doing embroidery, stitching, cooking, crafting other similar work, and the government does not falsely claim that some one else is doing the work, to give the frauds credit and government salaries for faking work.
led by the extremely cunning cruel cheater brahmin puneet, j srinivasan from the btech 1993 ee class of iit bombay , government agencies extremely ruthless in their human rights abuses, criminal defamation, work at home fraud, on online workers at home, refusing to acknowledge the work they do and falsely giving credit, monthly government salary to the favorite CALL GIRLS of these fraud government employees like panaji goan bhandari call girl sunaina chodan, other girlfriends who are mainly housewives like bengaluru brahmin cheater nayanshree, who do not spend any time and money doing computer work at all.
It is an indication of the lack of honesty and humanity of government agencies that they refuse to end their human rights abuses on harmless online workers since 2010, allegedly bribed by the shameless fraud indian tech and internet companies who want hardworking people to work for them at very low salaries and are extremely brutal in destroying the life of online workers in india robbing their resume, data to get great powers,monthly government salary for the goan call girls siddhi, sunaina who they supply to top government employees for bribes