Government rules and online reputation management

any large organisations spend millions of dollars in building their brand image, so that they can sell their products at a premium price vis a vis their smaller competitors. In most countries there are a limited number of newspapers, magazines and TV channels controlled by a few individuals, who can be easily influenced to carry positive stories.

On the internet, many of the largest websites like Facebook, Blogger, Twitter allow anyone to create an account and post whatever they feel like , without verifying the accuracy of the information . The false rumours can adversely affect the brand image , so many companies use the services of a Online Reputation Management firms which monitor the stories about the organization and brand across multiple online platforms. While feedback from customers can help improve the product, reputation management involves removing the inaccurate negative stories and dealing suitably with the source of these stories. The reputation management firm also highlights positive stories which are factually correct.

The reputation management firm may also check the legal options available in case other methods do not work, and advise action based on the relevant government rules.  The government may block certain websites if it affects public order.