How to Remove Water spots From Louis Vuitton Leather


Yesterday, one customer aske me how to remove water spots from louis vuitton speedy leather. She took our replica louis vuitton bag to louis vuitton store and louis vuitton store staff said her bag is authentic and need to purchase a new handbag leather,

If you choose to, Louis Vuitton will replace the leather for you

Only Louis Vuitton can give you a proper estimate, but it can range from $100.00 to several hundred dollars. I have had this done (and many other repairs) – I would estimate the cost to be around $200.00 – $250.00 for your bag. $200 can buy our a new replica louis vuitton Handbag.

What a stupid suggestion!!

Louis Vuitton products are noted for their supple, luxurious texture and craftsmanship. Water spots on this leather can be alarming, especially considering the price of a Louis Vuitton bag, but water stains usually come off quickly and with minimal effort.

Actually, we have 3 point to remove Water spots


1 Dampen a new sponge in clean, room-temperature water. Squeeze to remove as much excess water as possible. The sponge should be barely damp.

2 Blot any watermarks with the sponge, working your way outward toward the edges of the leather. Reduce the amount of dampness as you move toward the edge. Do not rub; just dab. Leave the leather to dry uniformly across the surface. This will usually cause the watermarks to disappear.

3 Treat the leather with mink oil or leather conditioner, working it into the surface of the Louis Vuitton leather with a buffing cloth