Development and government policy

The crumbling infrastructure of the country is a reflection of how India treats engineering/technical graduates from a top engineering college who are sincere and hardworking . In India today, an engineer is subjected to the most brutal assaults on human rights which includes:
1. Putting the engineer under surveillance for many years for no valid reason, intercepting emails, SMSes, phone calls
2. Subjecting the experienced engineer to identity theft fraud, where assorted well connected fraud, cheating, unqualified girlfriends and relatives, with no engineering experience are offered complete support in their attempt at identity theft.
3.Important financial and personal documents go missing, leaving the engineer penniless in his/her old age.
4.Blackmailers and extortionists are protected and encouraged to make the life of the engineer difficult.
5.Directed energy weapons are used on the engineer continuously to cause severe headaches, sleeplessness and memory loss
6.Relatives, acquaintances and friends are rewarded and promoted for betraying and backstabbing
7.Blatantly false rumours are spread about the engineer and his/her business by powerful people, who cannot be held accountable if they misuse their powers to ruin the life of an innocent person.