Best Lawyers for a Car Wreck

Not that long ago, I was blindsided by another vehicle while I was driving down the road. I suffered some pretty bad injuries in the accident. I am not sure how much my medical bills will be when everything is said and done, but I want to find a Sacramento personal injury attorney to help to make sure that I get the money that I am owed. I am not going to settle for less than a reasonable amount to cover the medical expenses, plus all of the suffering and other problems that this accident has caused me.

When the accident occurred, I was going through a traffic light, which I had a green light for, and the driver that hit me, was also going through said traffic light. The difference is that they had a red light and they were coming from the opposite direction. Or not the opposite direction, but perpendicular to the motion of my vehicle. They t-boned my vehicle and caused it roll a couple of times.

During the crash, I suffered some head injuries, including a concussion. On top of that, I suffered a compound fracture of my left leg and a dislocated left shoulder. They impacted the driver’s side door of my vehicle during the wreck, and when my vehicle rolled, I grabbed onto the handle above my seat. Holding on tightly to the handle is what caused my shoulder to dislocate. The door of the vehicle crumpling into me, is what caused the broken leg. I had some other injuries as well, but they probably aren’t worth speaking of, when compared to the main injuries that I just mentioned. I just want justice in this case, and that will come if I am able to receive an agreeable settlement from their insurance company soon.