I Needed Outside Helpers to Help out While I Attended to My Health

I was sitting on a chair in my doctor’s office when he told me that I had cancer. After my initial shock, he explained to me that it was caught early, and he felt I would get through it just fine. However, I would need treatment, so he suggested that I get some outside help at home. He said that house cleaning in Singapore is easy to come by, and there are companies who will do my grocery shopping and deliver it to my apartment, too. He explained that I should get everything organized before my treats start, and to expect to need these types of services for a minimum of four weeks.

Friends and I have talked about cancer many times. The conversation usually starts out with a friend announcing that another one of their family members has it. Many of them have learned that it runs in their families. My immediate family has been pretty lucky and largely escaped it. I had always hoped that would mean that I would never get it either. I have always tried to lead a relatively healthy life. I do all that I can to make sure that I eat a lowfat, healthy diet with next to no sugar. I do not drink or smoke. I work out every week on a schedule.

Friends assured me that they would do what they can to help while I’m undergoing treatment. Even so, I wanted to make sure that I hired someone from a professional cleaning company to help me keep my place clean. I also got signed up to get my groceries delivered. With both of these companies, I had the ability to set specific times up ahead of time for someone to show up at my place. This was really helpful, and it let me concentrate on getting better. I had my most recent check-up last month, and I am now cancer-free.