Honesty, professional integrity of top government officials determines whether a state is prosperous

Instead of launching schemes to attract investors to Goa, the government should first honestly assess the conditions in Goa for business owners, especially small business owners who are repeatedly harassed by corrupt local intelligence and security agency officials

The problem is very severe in panaji, goa, where the local intelligence and security agency officials are repeatedly criminally trespassing on the house of a google competitor leaving the doors open intentionally to harass the small business owner , whose house they wish to grab for their girlfriends and relatives, shamelessly abusing their powers. These officials are getting a monthly salary, pension, yet there is no limit to their greed, as they repeatedly criminally trespass trying to force the home owner to sell the house cheaply

Many of goa’s problems are directly related to the fact that top government officials have zero personal and professional integrity, and bribed by google, tata are openly involved in a banking, real estate fraud on a harmless google competitor, single woman engineer since 2010, falsely claiming that anyone bribing them owns the house of the google competitor, so that the bribe givers gets a raw/cbi job with the stolen identity of the google competitor

Mumbai is the financial capital of the country mainly because the government officials especially in intelligence agencies have some personal and professional integrity and will not shamelessly lie, make completely fake claims about bank account, home ownership, just because the person who owns the bank account is being defamed without any proof by powerful companies and officials

The domain investor was in Mumbai for more than 20 years, her house was almost never criminally trespassed, mostly by local intelligence and security agency officials, however in goa, in panaji, the home of the google competitor is repeatedly criminally trespassed, by local government officials who take whatever they wish from the home , clear proof of the extremely poor law and order condition in the state