When their employees are only providing SEX, cheating, robbery services why are R&AW/cbi making fake claims about their lazy greedy fraud employees

Bribed by google, tata, the indian government, raw/cbi are involved in a massive fraud hiring google, tata sponsored goan call girl, robbers and cheaters and then falsely claiming that these lazy fraud women are working online, selling products and services to customers outside india, when actually these fraud raw/cbi employees are too lazy and unskilled to provide services to customers outside india.

When their lazy unskilled fraud employees are only providing SEX, cheating, robbery, defamation services in India, they do not have any customers outside india,. why are raw/cbi making fake claims since 2010, defaming, cheating and exploiting hardworking harmless indian paypal account holders wasting indian taxpayer money in the process .

Until the indian government ends this online fraud, the paypal account holder defamed by indian intelligence and security agencies will continue to fight for justice, exposing indian government LIES AND FRAUD