Greedy government employees do not have the humanity and honesty to admit that they falsely accused innocent citizen

Though indian government employees are very well paid getting a monthly government salary with dearness allowance and pension they are the most dishonest, ruthless, greedy employees without any honesty and humanity destroying the life of a large number of hardworking skilled citizens hysterically making completely fake allegations without any kind of legally valid proof to steal resume,savings, extort money .
In addition to being extremely careless, incompetent, making fake allegations without any kind of proof against innocent hardworking skilled citizens, to destroy their lives these greedy government employees show their lack of honesty and humanity, refusing to admit that they falsely accused innocent private citizen who was making more money than most others, because she is a very prolific writer, with better internet, computer skills than most other indian women and leave the citizen alone,
Instead for more than 12 years,since 2010, these extremely cruel cunning animal like government employees are wasting crores of indian taxpayer money trying to find non-existent proof against an innocent citizen, just because of their personal HATRED and greed.