Cheater top indian government employees looting older single women are being called “smooth operators” worldwide

“smooth operator” is a song by the British Nigerian singer Sade from 1984 debut album about a high class conman cheating a large number of women
Though government agencies label all the content as spam, it is based on facts which can be legally proved checking the income returns of the domain fraudster raw/cbi employees who never paid any domain expenses, never did any computer work at all,yet get monthly government salaries because their powerful greedy boyfriends like the cheater puneet are smooth operators, conmen cheating hardworking single women,robbing their data to get no work no investment government jobs for their real girlfriends
Now to cover up the massive online, financial fraud, government SLAVERY, these cheater government employees are blocking all orders, so the domain investor is listening to radio stations. One of the songs which is being played repeatedly is “Smooth Operator” about a high class conman who is cheating a large number of women like the cheater top indian government employee puneet has since 2010
Though the endless frauds of the government employees can be legally proved, the government refuses to take action, making them “smooth operators” who commit great financial fraud and get away without being punished