Indigenous technology

In most prosperous countries, government officials go out of their way to promote the development of indigenous technology. They know that by developing a proprietory technology, the nation benefits in the long term as it is source of revenue. For example, the largest refineries in India, license technology from other companies for manufacturing petroproducts.

Big corporations take all possible measures to destroy potential competitors by spreading false rumours. If the decision makers in a country are short sighted and do not verify the facts before believing in these false rumours spread by the foreign companies, they end up destroying their own local businesses and nation as desired by the foreign companies.

Resources and growth

Some countries like Korea, Taiwan and Japan do not have too many natural resources but many of the largest brands in the world have their origins in these countries. This is because the government in particular and society in general values hard work and innovation.
On the other hand, many of the African countries are very rich in natural resources, but the widespread corruption and lack of long term vision by the leadership has resulted in high levels of poverty.

Government and technology

In some countries, the government encourages the use of technology for business and entrepreneurs who earn foreign exchange by developing and selling products are given incentives. Government officials make an effort to understand the technology. This is one of the main reasons behind the spectacular growth and economy of certain countries and the lack of progress in others.

Pool Resurfacing


Pool Resurfacing

Pool resurfacing has not changed much as far as the application process, however the products that go into the application have. This is a major decision for most pool owners when considering the surface that is right for you.

Government and monopolies

Most countries have rules in place to prevent monopolies from completing dominating a particular sector.

Now internet companies can no longer avoid scrutiny.