Fake references by government officials and accidents

There are many accidents which take place due to technical failure and problems, and this can be closely linked to the current policy of certain powerful government officials of giving fake references and great powers to their incompetent lazy, inexperienced and greedy young girlfriends and relatives.

For example in Goa, a powerful government official who is jealous of his hardworking experienced engineer batchmate is so blinded by jealousy that he has given great powers to the batchmates lazy inexperienced Bsc pass young neighbour with no work experience, by misusing his experienced batchmates name. The Bsc pass neighbour is extremely arrogant and is not even on talking terms with the batchmate, so why are these government officials so shamelessly misusing the batchmates name?

By stealing lucrative assignments and powers from his experienced batchmate, and humiliating her, this powerful government official gets a lot of satisfaction and ego boost, but the biggest loser is the government, the nation and the tax payer, who has to pay the price for letting government officials amok with no controls, committing frauds on the government by passing off a BSc as an engineer.