Fake references by jealous government officials

Lynn Pinker

One of the biggest problems faced by small business owners is when jealous government officials give fake references to their undeserving young girlfriends, so that these girlfriends get lucrative positions which they do not deserve in any way at all. Because these government officials are so powerful, everyone believes their complete lies, that the girlfriend has the experience of the business owner, when she does not have any work experience .
Thus the business owner is cheated by the powerful government official who is scamming both the government from whom he is drawing a salary and the hard working business owner.
There is also no redressal mechanism to stop this scam and exploitation of a business owner, who these young women then harass incessantly using the powers they should have never got.
More details of how the young slim sunaina and siddhi mandrekar got lucrative positions in government organizations with fake references check http://useful.in/info/2014/04/ntro-recruitment-scam/
It is believed that the tata group encourages this exploitation of business owners by these lazy cheating young women