Poor cybersecurity, fraud and nepotism in the indian internet sector

In the last week there have been media reports that hackers have defaced the government websites in andhra pradesh, telangana, odissa and gujarat. The poor cybersecurity can be directly related to the rampant corruption, nepotism, lack of professionalism in the indian internet sector.
Powerful officials in the internet sector are allowed to run amok and claim that their inexperienced lazy liar cheater girlfriends like goa’s notorious fraud cheater medical electronics diploma holder siddhi mandrekar, bsc pass sunaina, bangalore’s cheater housewife nayanshree hathwar and other women, have twenty years experience and have managed a network of websites, to appoint them to very important jobs in the government internet sector at the expense of an experienced webmaster who has been brutally exploited, cheated and defamed. These women may have changed their names to evade being punished for their crime, which would end the career in any other sector, but still all the powerful men in the indian internet sector and internet companies are united in supporting these lazy liar cheater mediocre young women in the appointment to important government jobs in the internet sector,

In reality these lazy liar young women have never ever managed a single website, but are able to get fake references of experience because of their extremely powerful dishonest boyfriends and relatives, who cannot be held accountable ,though their claims promoting their mediocre girlfriends are blatantly false.Though the largest internet companies in india and the most powerful officials promote them, inexperienced lazy liar cheater young women do not become experienced overnight, just because the most powerful men in the indian internet sector are extremely infatuated with them and willing to break all rules to make them powerful.

Why do government officials not appoint their girlfriends on the basis of the real experience of these cheater lazy young women,openly say that all positions are reserved for the young women they are infatuated with, why falsely claim that these inexperienced lazy liar cheater women are very experienced, cheating the government, and also the woman whose experience has been misused? providing sexual favors to all the powerful men in the indian internet sector, does not make a greedy young cheater an experienced webmaster overnight though these men may give her fake references and protect her from the fraud, bangalore cybercrime refuses to take action against the greedy ungrateful cheater nayanshree hathwar despite providing all evidence of her fraud.

As the top officials in the indian internet sector cannot be held accountable for their obvious fraud promoting their mediocre girlfriends , but hackers all the world know that inexperienced lazy liar cheater girlfriends of powerful men are in charge of the internet sector in india, some of whom have used the casting couch to get appointed to top jobs, and are repeatedly hacking indian websites. Thus the corruption has resulted in the increasing number of government websites hacked, as hackers worldwide mock the inexperienced young greedy cheater fraud young women who have used fake references, casting couch, lies and nepotism, to get fraudulently appointed to important government jobs in india .