When government officials misuse a business owners name

Probably the biggest problem faced by a business owner is when powerful government officials shameless misuse the business owners name behind her back, without even meeting her or interacting with her in any way. Because these government officials are in a position of great power, everyone believes them, especially foreign companies, as these officials are the Indian interface with the company.
In reality these government officials want to destroy the business and business owner mentally and financially. So by claiming to act on behalf of the business owner, these government officials will corner lucrative assignments and privileges from many companies, and instead of giving them to the business owner, they will give these privileges to their friends and relatives who is not connected to the business owner in any way. Thus the business owner is denied the assignment because of government officials who misuse her name behind her back.

Additionally many government officials have very bitter enemies due to their actions. When these government officials start misusing the business owners name, these enemies start attacking the business owner causing great financial loss, health problems and character assasination. The business owner who was careful not to tread on anyone’s toes or offend anyone, suddenly finds herself attacked for no fault of hers because of the misuse of her name.

So when government officials shamelessly misuse a business owners name, the business owner gets no benefit at all, instead suffers losses as privileges and assignments are stolen by government officials, and their enemies attack the business owner for no obvious reason.