Why are shopkeepers, professionals threatened

UCMJ Article 120

In an indication of the endless atrocities on a single woman obc engineer and the rot in indian society, she is put under surveillance for more than 5 years and every shop she will go to, the shopkeeper will be threatened to make false accusations against her of cheating. Men are specially targetted for harassment, forcing the shopkeeper to keep women or elderly people. Similarly any lawyer she will contact will be similarly threatened and forced not to help her.

Why is so much tax payer money wasted to threaten shopkeepers to defame an innocent harmless obc engineer and domain investor or lawyers not to help a harmless civilian. For lawyers and activist, tax payer money will be wasted to monitor all phone calls, smses, email for more than 5 years. The recipient of the email, sms, phone call will be threatened or told completely false malicious rumors by a government employee so that they do not help the harmless obc engineer. Why are government employees deployed to spread false rumors about the harmless obc engineer

Why should the shopkeeper or professional be threatened for dealing with a harmless civilian wasting tax payer money. how does the country benefiting from harassing small business owners for dealing with a harmless innocent civilian