Perfect for Making Your Own Jewelry

I needed to find blue zircon gemstones at an affordable cost due to the request of a customer who wanted several pieces made using that specific type of stone. I work from home crafting jewelry that I then sell through an online store I built on a major internet marketplace. Very quickly I became known as an excellent craftsperson who made very fine pieces that are always sure to catch the eye. Usually I just make specific pieces and put them up for sale and they move well, but recently I got an actual request from a big spender.

They asked if I could make specific pieces, primarily a couple of necklaces, and that I had to use a specific gemstone. Usually I don’t take these types of orders because it involves a lot of work and customers might not be pleased with the final result. People are picky, especially when they spend a lot of money. If they think they see a flaw or disagree with the design, they’ll try to get away with not paying you for the work. This person assured me they would pay if I followed their designs so I figured it was worth a shot.

But I had to find the stones, and for that I went online and quickly located the stones through an online seller. The cost seemed reasonable compared with other places so I went ahead and placed an order. I was impressed with the quick delivery and the stones themselves were absolutely gorgeous. They were easy to work with and placing them into the jewelry went off without a hitch. The customer was very impressed with the finished product and cooed about the beautiful stone inlays. She said I’m going to get more work from her friends once she shows them my pieces!