A New Car for My Son

My son Jason is my pride and joy. My wife Elly and I love him very much. He has made me so proud over the years. As his father, I wanted Jason to have the best things in life. Elly and I worked hard for many years to provide his with all his needs and wants. He turned eighteen last week. I promised him that his mother and I would buy him a car after graduation. We purchased an Acura NSX 2015 for him.

Jason has accomplished many things in his life. He was in the gifted program at the age of three. He was always smarter than the other children in school. He was so smart that the teachers sometimes asked him for help. He always made honor roll in school. High school was no different. He was the big man on campus. He was the class president, played two sports and maintained a perfect grade point average for all four years in high school. Naturally, he was the class valedictorian. Elly and I were so proud of him. He earned full scholarships to four Ivy League colleges. I knew I wanted to reward him for his accomplishments.

Every since he was a little boy, Jason always had a thing for fast cars. He had toys and posters of them all over his room. We took him to the dealership. He was interested in hybrid cars. When Jason saw the NSX 2015, he fell in love with it instantly. The car was so beautiful and sleek to him. The red paint job was perfect for him. He knew that he had found his dream car. I wanted him to also be safe. The car looked very safe to me. I knew he wanted it. I happily purchased the car for him. I know he will continue to make us proud.