Getting Better Clubs Has Improved My Golf Game

I like to golf. I worked on my short game for a long time and improved to at least make par at my favorite course. However, I really have trouble in the traps. I can’t seem to control a hit out of the sand bunkers even if I am in the best possible spot in the trap. There have been several occasions where I wanted to throw my clubs in the pond next to the bunker where I golf. This had me looking for the best sand wedge suited to my style of golfing.

I am not a duffer on the links, but I am certainly not a pro either. I just have real trouble in the sand, so I avoid it as much as possible. It makes me take conservative shots on holes with sand bunkers, and that has a negative result on my final score. My golf buddies tease me about putting my back into it on the tee when we are hitting a hole that has a sand bunker. They know I will hold back to stay out of the traps. This is worse than having a tell in playing poker.

I did some shopping around to find the best sand wedge I could for my game. I am practicing what my instructor showed me about hitting out of the sand, but a boost in technology on the course would help too. I gained a few yards by updating my driver I had used for years, and I do a bit better on the greens with a favorite putter I discovered. Now I was looking for that sand wedge of my golfing dreams to help get me out of the traps and onto the green in one stroke. No more coming up short on hitting the ball for me.