An Extra Layer of Roof Safety

There is a storage spot on the roof our building. No one is permitted up there without authorization unless it is someone from the maintenance department. There are just too many things that can go wrong since it is a six story building that we are talking about. Three of the sides have a high wall around the roof, but one side is open. I knew that I would have to get some kind of post and chain barrier to protect anyone who would be going up there.

It is just too easy to accidentally lose focus at times. If you lose focus while sitting at your desk, it is not a huge deal. If you lose focus on top of a six story building, then yes, that can have some devastating consequences. I knew that a post and chain barrier would be the most effective way of ensuring everyone’s safety, especially since we were not able to put a fourth wall on that particular side. I went online to look for a company that would be able to provide the equipment that we needed to make the roof as safe as possible.

D-Marc is the company that I found first that had exactly what I needed. I only needed four posts, and then I wanted to have three sections of chains going across them. That would protect anyone who was not paying attention from going over the edge of the roof. Cost was not a factor for me since I was only concerned about people being safe up there, but it was a nice bonus that the price was extremely reasonable. I know that the men who have to go up on the roof appreciate having this extra layer of security and safety, and it makes me feel much better too!