Good Leadership Can Be Learned

I was amazed when I conducted an audit of my company. I did not like the reports that were coming in, and I especially didn’t like the random interactions I had with some of the lower level employees. I know that a lot of people think that the lower you get in an organization, the less importance that person has. I have never felt that way though, knowing that the lowest person on the totem pole still plays a very important role. After talking with some of them, I knew that I needed to look into a leadership coach program because I was just not pleased with what I was hearing.

The stories were not good, and I could understand why there was a lack of motivation in different areas. This is not to say I was throwing my management team under the bus at all. I hand picked every single one of them, but I guess I mistook education and experience as being enough. For that, I place the blame squarely on my own shoulders, and I also placed finding the solution to get things running great again on my shoulders too.

I was able to find a leadership program that helped my management team 100 percent. I learned a good lesson through this too, that great leaders don’t have to be natural leaders. My own management team is proof of that. I took the course with them, because I had made my share of mistakes as well, and I know that we are all better leaders and managers as a result of this. How do I know? Well, I did another audit, and this one came back so much better than the first. It also helps for every single employee to know that they matter, which they all do now!