My Daughter Loves to Learn

My daughter has always been serious about her school work. She has known from an early age that if she wants to have a good life, then she must do well in school. Some people may not agree with the approach my husband and I have taken, by rewarding her significantly for perfect grades, but it has done her well in her academic studies. When she came to me not long ago with some information about a local physics tuition, I was both surprised and curious. I knew that she was not having any problems in her coursework, but I also knew that something had brought this to her attention.

She told me that while she really liked her physics teacher at school, she just felt she was not getting enough from the course to be beneficial to her. I knew that my daughter would not make a statement like that if she truly did not believe it, so I asked her about the physics tuition that she had gotten information on. She explained that the teacher has excellent reviews on the various sites where she looked, and one of her friends had taken courses off him last year and was impressed with what she had learned.

I went to the website to get more information on this tutor. While I trust my daughter without doubt, I still wanted to make sure that this was the right choice for her. Everything I read on his site indicated that this choice was definitely good, and I signed her up on the spot to be in one of his sessions. She was able to learn a lot more about physics in this kind of environment, and I know she is going to do just fine on her testing, which will play a large role on where she goes to college.