Leaving the Gift of a Clean Apartment to the Next Tenant

Mom always told me to do the tedious work first in any project. She said that after you get all the other stuff done, you will be too tired to get to the smaller details. I should have listened when I was moving out of my apartment. I packed everything and moved it box by box to the new place. I should have cleaned each room after it was empty, but I was being lazy about it. After I had the last piece of my stuff out, I called professional moving out cleaning for Singapore to come and clean out my old apartment.

I spent a couple of days cleaning the new place with my mother and sister’s help. They offered to clean out the old apartment, but I had a friend who was going to move in there, and it was a gift to him to have it be sparkling clean when he moved in. He is a bit fastidious when it comes to things like that, so I knew it would make him happy. He thought that the property manager had it cleaned, but he told my friend that I did it. My friend called and thanked me thinking I put in all the hard work with family help. He told me it must have taken a week of cleaning to get the place that nice. I asked him what he meant by that comment. He mentioned something about my chronic messiness.

I told him I had it professionally cleaned by a company that does moving out cleaning for Singapore residents. He wanted their number for cleaning out the place he moved out of. He said that even he left behind some grime he was not proud of, and he had only a few days before he had to turn in his keys to his old place to the office.