Google beats ex-Google engineer Anthony Levandowski in TRADE SECRET ROBBERY, downloading millions of files outsourcing robbery to indian government agencies

The domain investor is closely tracking Anthony Levandowski, accused of trade secret theft by Google since google, tata, internet companies have allegedly BRIBED the indian government to give R&AW/cbi jobs for all those who are involved in ROBBING TRADE SECRETS of the google competitor, a single woman engineer, goa 1989 jee topper with a better 1989 jee rank than the google ceo sundar pichai, falsely claiming that the google, tata sponsored TRADE SECRET ROBBERS with no online income, no online investment are domain investors , owning domains including this one to get all the ROBBERS monthly government salaries at the expense of the domain investor, who is suffering great losses because of the endless TRADE SECRET ROBBERY

Like other high status lazy liar raw/cbi employees including goan bhandari sunaina chodan, siddhi mandrekar, sindhi scammer naina chandan, her sons, karan, nikhil, nayanshree hathwar, high status cbi employee greedy goan housewife ROBBER riddhi nayak caro is not on talking terms with the goa 1989 jee topper, to keep the social status low, so that she is denied the income and opportunities she deserved .

Hence there is no way riddhi or other raw/cbi employees can get business information legally. So the only way riddhi can acquire the information and then make FAKE CLAIMS of computer work is by trade secret ROBBERY, hacking, memory ROBBERY, CORRESPONDENCE theft with the help of her husband crooked caro, fraud father nayak working in security agencies, NTRO, raw, cbi employees like vijay, puneet, j srinivasan, tushar parekh, and others who criminally defame the domain investor without any proof, and then steal her data, trade secrets daily since 2010 .

Yet indicating the double standards, DISHONESTY of google, Anthony Levandowski was convicted for 18 months for stealing 14000 files, the google,tata sponsored TRADE SECRET ROBBER raw/cbi employees are ROBBING trade secrets for ten years, millions of files, yet google,tata, indian internet sector continues to reward TRADE SECRET ROBBERS like robber riddhi nayak caro,falsely claiming that the robber is a domain investor owning this and other websites, online expert, while CRIMINALLY DEFAMING the hardworking skilled person, who is being ROBBED and suffering great losses since 2010.