Moving out of the City to a Nicer and More Affordable Place

I was having a time at work one day and spent my lunch and breaks looking online at new apartments. My wife and I needed a change of scenery, and moving out of the urban area at least a little bit would be helpful. Plus, it would save us money, and both of us could then cut back on the overtime. I found a place at Lookout Canyon, and I texted my wife. She had no idea what I was talking about because instead of writing it as Regency at Lookout Canyon, I had put “Regency at Outlook Canyon.” My wife is new to Texas, and was online searching for Outlook instead of Lookout Canyon. The Regency is out on Overlook Parkway.

After a bit of clarification, she found it online and wanted to go see the apartments that evening. We only had a short period of time until our lease was up, and we did not want to be locked into another year at our old place. Once we saw all they had to offer at the Regency and how nice and new everything looked, we jumped at the opportunity to sign a lease. We had two months on our old lease, and we had already paid for one month of that rent. We would only be out one month of rent money to not default on our old lease, and I must say that it was worth it.

We moved out quietly while people were at work. I borrowed a truck from the furniture company my brother works at, so people that saw us only thought we were getting new furniture. When it came time for the landlord to ask us to sign a new lease, we told him we were moving. We had already been at the Regency for over a month.

We left the old place spotless and got our deposit back and we did not look back. We have been enjoying The Regency Apartments very much. The outdoor play area for our twins is put to use every day. I swim practically every evening. The kids both have their own room. No more bunk beds and privacy incursion complaints. It is all around better and more affordable to us.