NTRO/raw/cbi employees CHEATING, EXPLOITING hardworking single woman domain investor since 2010

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Taking advantage of the fact that the domain investor, online publisher is a single middle aged woman with no one to help her fight cheating, exploitation of powerful men, women and companies, top NTRO/raw/cbi employees, indian tech and internet companies led by google are openly involved in a massive financial fraud on her since 2010, making fake claims about her domains, websites, paypal, bank account, online accounts, to get high status fraud cooking, cleaning cheater housewives and other frauds raw/cbi jobs with monthly salaries at the expense of the domain investor.
To cover up their FINANCIAL FRAUD, the ntro/raw/cbi employees are extremely vicious in CRIMINALLY DEFAMING the single woman, making FAKE ALLEGATIONS against her without any kind of proof at all, and also some cunning fraud employees like brahmin puneet are FAKING HELP so that they can cause maximum damage, rob everything without being questioned.