I Have a Most Unusual Job

It has been weird here to say the least, of course my job is unlike anything that I ever imagined doing back when I was in college. It is not like I thought that I would be a procurer or whatever it is that you call what I do. In theory I am a personal assistant and originally it was a rather ordinary job, but back then the boss had a wife who kept him in line. At any rate now it is a Salt Lake City escort service. He is going to be there for around four or five days, and of course he does not want to be very lonely. I thought that maybe this would be tougher, especially since he usually favors the exotic. It did turn out to be a little more difficult, but because this one girl was not exactly what he was looking for. At least she did not do exactly what he was hoping for her to do.

So I had to pretty much send out to Las Vegas, which is always what you do when things get tough if you did not know. It is a short flight away, although I often wonder if the people in accounting know what they are approving. That is the strange thing. All of this is on the company, although in theory the difference between the boss and the company is not that great. If you asked the IRS I am very sure that they would have a difference of opinion, but no one ever seems to involve them in this. In the big scheme of things it really is not that big of a deal I would suppose. We spend hundreds of thousands of dollars on toilet paper and things of that sort, so a few thousand here and there is easy to hide.